The Great American Food Fight   
Dr. Brent Baldasare

Always balancing the bad and good news, Baldasare punctuates his data with proactive calls to action for his readers  (i.e., writing letters to Congress and the FDA.  Replete with statistics, studies, a full appendix of tips, guidelines and pertinent source material and over 150 sources to peruse for further  study, The Great American Food Fight is a must real for all.

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The aims of this book are twofold. The first is to reveal the ways in which the food industry ad its lobbyists have actively misled the public to serve their own needs, suppressing scientific research and waging a campaign of nutritional information. The second is to inform consumers as to what foods and ingredients they are actually eating and how to cut through the cultural noise to locate sources of real nutrition.


The Great American Food Fight is a brilliant and thoughtful look at what's gone wrong and why millions of people are suffering needlessly . . . And it's a powerful invitation to step into a new food food future.

Ocean Robbins, CEO, The Food Revolution Network
Cynthia Rogers Parks

The second novel by award-winning author Cynthia Rogers Parks is a family saga, made deep by historical detail and wide by the sweep of time. Its tangible symbol is a little set of matryoskas, the lacquered nesting dolls given to Olena Petrova by her own mother in 1917, near the bloody end of the Bolshevik revolution.  


From the busy streets of occupied Shanghai, to the pastoral American postwar South, despite miles of ocean and the barriers of class and culture, four generations of women will struggle to repeat that simple transfer. 


 A hauntingly intimate portrait of four mothers— each confronting the loss of life’s most precious treasure—The Nesting Dolls is a story for those who believe in improbable legacies. It’s a story for those who know that family ties can never really be severed. That all of us, whether we know it or not, live our lives encased and surrounded by those who came before.

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By Michael F. Lewis


From innovator and serial entrepreneur Michael F. Lewis comes a powerful, practical guide for those executives and managers who are ready to take their own company's social media stragegy from idea to action. Social Media Leadership provides a concise, jargon-free explanation of the global phenomena that is transforming the way we do business. Lewis shares his own lessons learned as well as the best practices and examples of those who are successfully using social media to build their businesses and their brands.


Packed with usable tips and actionable advice on subjects like customer service, reputation management, group buying, online community building, policy and governance, and many more, Social Media Leadership will inform you, inspire you, and leave you eager to get into the game.


Michael Ford Lewis is a serial entrepreneur who has spent the past 25 years forming, financing and profitably managing over a dozen successful startup companies, continually identifying meaningful new trends and emerging opportunities.   He is Chairman and CEO of ILD Corp., Co-Founder and Chairman of Social Strategy1, and Chairman and Founder of


Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Mike attended the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business and received his MBA from Southern Methodist University. Since 2005, his focus has been on social commerce transactions and monetizing social media.   To learn more, visit the author's website at


What others are saying

"When a serial entrepreneur with a $100-million-dollar company gives first-hand social media insights, I listen."

     - Erik Qualman, Author of "Socialnomics"
"This book is a comprehensive look at the current trends in social media. Mike has done a good job of demonstrating the correct ways to use social media."

     - William Porter "Billy" Payne, CEO, Atlanta Olympic Games
"Social media now affects every organization and Mike's book illustrates leadership from a leader's perspective."

      - Tom Coughlin, Head Coach, New York Giants
"Mike Lewis' tale is a story for every business owner. He started as a skeptic, moved to learner, then he lived it by applying the principles of social media strategy to his businesses and now is teaching it. This is a must-read book for those individuals that want to get "into the game" but skip to the advanced steps quickly."

     - Eric Bradlow, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

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By David Cummings and Adam Blitzer


Think Outside the Inbox is a great guide for "marketing 2.0," where marketing is not only responsible for ad campaigns, but for generating revenue and proving program ROI. This concise guidebook provides readers with a solid foundation for understanding the key pieces of the B2B marketing tool kit: customer relationship management, search engine optimization, social media, macro and micro web analytics, and marketing automation.


Novice and exoerienced marketers will find tips and helpful research on why organizations, large and small, need to move beyond email for targeted, timely and personal interactions with their existing customers and prospects.


David Cummings has started two software companies - Hannon Hill and Pardot. Hannon Hill was the 247th fastest growing company on the Inc. 500 in 2007. Pardot was recognized by the Atlanta Business Chronicle as the fastest growing technology company in 2010 and the third fastest growing company in all of Atlanta that same year.

David serves on the board of the Atlanta chapter of the Entrepreneurs' Organization.

A native of Tallahassee, Florida, David earned a bachelor of science degree in economics from Duke University and studied at the London School of Economics. David blogs at


What others are saying

"Every B2B sales and marketing professional should read this book immediately. Marketing automation is truly the marketing complement to CRM."


     -- Clit Oram, Co-founder of SugarCRM


"David and Adam were developing and using practical marketing automation methods before people even knew what to call it.  No one I know understands the space better from an 'in the trenches' perspective. In my 10 years of online B@B marketing, this is the best book I've come across."


     -- Todd Miechiels, Internet marketing steward for over 100 companies


"This book should be required reading for marketing managers and business owner looking to communicate effectively with direct email, build better relationships, and increase leads in their orgnization. I've worked with David and Adam's company for two years now, and they definitely get it"


     -- Chris Uschan, Director of Marketing at Omnipress

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By Cynthia Rogers Parks


"I measure my life in houses” confides Lacey Winters. “That has always been the way I divide the befores and the afters, the success and losses, the endings and beginnings.” So begins the preface to Houses, the new fiction release by Cynthia Rogers Parks. Part history, part romance, part homespun philosophy, Houses ranges across almost fifty years of American history as Lacey, and the nation, move and change through the psychedelic 70s, the yuppie 80s, and the booms and busts of the end of the century.


A debut novelist, but a seasoned writer, Parks has written a deceptively subtle novel that also confronts many of the gender struggles of the past five decades and reveals them as still unresolved. Houses is a deep exploration of the meaning of home and its relationship to every American’s dream.


Cynthia Rogers Parks lives and writes in Atlanta,Georgia.  She received her MA and PhD from Georgia State University where she taught English, creative writing, and ESL classes for 14 years. Her short stories have appeared in a variety of university and literary publications and she is a Redbook fiction finalist. 


Cynthia's new novel, The Nesting Dolls, was released in June 2014. She is currently completely a short story collection, Dreams of Flight and Other Fictions.  To learn more, visit her website at

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"Parks is a extraordinary writer who has a talent for picking out tiny, telling details that make an entire scene or event come alive. In addition, her fine ear for dialogue effortlessly infuses mild, wry humor throughout the novel."


      -- Norm Goldman,



 . . a gem of a book and instant classic.


"The chapters of Lacey’s life are heartwarming, heart breaking, irritating and honest. Anyone who reads this book can relate to most every scene that plays out, either in our own life or in those we have met. Even though I do not personally remember many of the events that transpire in this book (we all know them from history) the accounts given by Cynthia Rogers Park

s give it a sense of realism that truly makes it much more real than anything experienced in a textbook."


     -- Melissa Koltes for Rebecca Reads



A different view

"Houses, a Novel, by Cynthia Rogers Parks is one of those rare books that I loved so much I found myself stalling to finish it because I didn’t want it to end. So wonderfully evocative of time and place, Houses reminded me of another another simple book I loved, A Painted House by John Grisham in its surprising gentleness and modest beauty."


     -- Kelly Davis for





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By Ellie Byrd


This collection of frugal financial wisdom from Ellie Byrd can help anyone from a college student to a CEO weather today’s financial storms. Ellie Byrd shares personal experiences dealing with challenging financial situations, from being a flat broke college student after her parents disowned her, through financial rebuilding after her divorce, to her struggles as a CEO to save her 19-year-old company. Ellie shares the lessons learned through these experiences by providing insightful, practical tips and guidelines that anyone can follow to help regain control of their finances.


Ellie Byrd is the Founder and CEO of ForumSherpa, an executive leadership organization that provides tools and services for high-functioning peer teams called Forums. As a Forum specialist, Ellie spends the majority of her time traveling the world and working with teams of CEO’s, Presidents and entrepreneurs. Throughout her career, Ellie has founded three successful companies, authored multiple books and released a CD as a concert pianist. In her spare time, Ellie enjoys playing the piano at conferences, churches and elder-care facilities, blending her music with a message of joyful perseverance.  To learn more, visit Ellie's website at

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